Red Dragon Fruit (Pitaya Fruit)

Introduction- commonly known as the Dragon. It is a favorite to the people of Asian origin. It features a mouth watering light sweet taste, with an intense shape and color, not to forget its outstanding flowers. In addition to being tasty and cool, this is a beautiful fruit with a lot of water and other vital minerals with varied nutritional ingredients.

The dragon fruit is exactly of the Hycocereus undatus family, thus making it one of the extensive red dragon fruit in Asian region. Typically, the fruit has red squash, or red flesh. The fruit originates from the dragon fruit cactus plant, which is usually appears like as vines.

Taste-Dragon fruit tastes wonderful which is sweet and crunchy, with a flavor that resembles both kiwi and pear, a cross of both… Inside, the texture is like a cross between a thin melon and a pear, but scattered with tiny crunchy seeds, like a kiwi. The taste is also fairly melon-like, in that it is bland.

Uses of Dragon Fruit

The fruit is commonly eaten as raw and tastes better when chilled. It is also served as a juice. The flesh is sweet and occasionally in a tropical sorbet this fruit is served with mango. The fruit is also used to flavour drinks while syrup made of the entire fruit is used to color pastries and candy. The squash of the fruit is used in producing an alcoholic beverage.

The fruit makes a wonderful mixture on its own or mixed with other tropical fruits. It is sometimes used in cooking for some recipes. Unopened flower-buds of the dragon fruit can be cooked like vegetables.